Saturday, 12 May 2007

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

I was given this book by my cousin Lisa for Christmas this year and just got around to reading it. Lisa, being a librarian, is always one for recommending great books and this one does not disappoint.

The story is of Marjane's childhood in Iran told in black and white comic strip form. We follow Marjane from the ages of 6 to 14, during which her country goes through turmoil. From the overthrow of the Shah regime to the Islamic revolution to the war with Iraq we get to look at those events through the eyes of a child. Marjane is extremely intelligent and extremely outspoken which can be a lethal combination in a country where the rights of women were being taken away. Marjane and a few runs in with "the law" throughout the book and by the end you cannot help but love her.

I am having a difficult time writing this review. The book was so wonderfully different and fantastic though that I suggest everyone reads it. 5 stars from me.

Also to note that this book had several similarities to a book I read awhile back called Reading Lolita in Tehran that was another incredible read.

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Gavrich said...

i really liked this book. thanks