Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Troubleshooter by Gregg Hurwitz

This book is the third in the Tim Rackley series and Hurwitz proves he is a notch above many mystery/serial killer authors. The first in the series in The Kill Clause followed by The Program. I would highly recommend reading these books in order as there are some story lines that follow through the three books.

Tim Rackley is in a word...awesome. He's tough, he kicks ass, he always finds the loop so he can get to the perpatrators. That being said, I didn't enjoy this story line as much as the previous two books. The book starts off with Den Laurey, who is a leader of one of the most violent biker (that's right I said biker) gangs, The Sinners, in the country, escapes from his transport on the LA freeway.

Rackley is put on the case and vows to hunt the crazed biker down. He gets lead into the world of biker gangs, murders, drugs and even terrorist (if you want to tie in any kind of crazy topic this book just about did it) Everytime Rackley gets close to taking Laurey down, circumstances interweave themselves and he has to let him go. Unfortunatly this action led to his wife, Dray, who is pregant being attacked. One thing you don't want is a pissed off Tim Rackely and after his wife is attacked he vows to take him down. Thus leading us into a convoluted world of the Sinner's world.

Another good one from Hurwitz, 4 stars from me (to note I would have given The Kill Clause and The Progam 5 stars....and maybe 5+ on The Program)

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