Monday, 18 June 2007

Darkly Dreaming Dexter, by Jeff Lindsey

This book was given to me by my stepmom's sister Andrea a book whore. That woman can read faster than anyone I had ever met and considering she has been around the bookstore (if you know what I I mean really she has read *a lot* of books) I was excited to read this book that she let me borrow.

The darkly dreaming man that the title refers to is Dexter Morgan. He's a handsome fellow who works for the Miami police department as a lab technician analyzing blood spatters. Every once in awhile Dear Dexter gets a hankering for some....well for some dismemberment.

So the story then is about a serial killer from the eyes of a serial killer? No, Dexter is the good guy. He was adopted and trained to only kill the bad guys because it was known that one day he would in fact become a serial killer either way. He spends his time in this book working with his sister, who is also on Miami police squad, trying to solve a very interesting and very.... familiar murder mystery that has taken south beach by storm.

What is Dexter darkly dreaming about....has his dark passenger come out to play without his knowing...well you'll just have to read to find out.

A good read and a thanks to Andrea for the recommendation.

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Scott said...

YES, I did read this book! I remember the scene where his dad tells him 'the facts of life', well, the facts of HIS life anyway that he is doomed to be a serial killer so just deal with it son! A fun read, I agree.